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Ferritin 5mg - 60 Capsules

Ferritin 5mg - 60 Capsules

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Ferritin Fe 5 mg by Ecological Formulas is a dietary supplement designed to supply the body with the bioavailable supply of iron it needs to produce hemoglobin for the proper transportion of oxygen throughout the body.* One of the key ingredients in Ferritin Fe 5 mg by Ecological Formulas is ferritin, the protein and natural derivative of bovine spleen responsible for enabling the body to store iron. The supply of iron provided by this supplement is the most bioavailable form possible to ensure easy absorption, without upsetting the stomach or GI tract.

Men and women who take Ferritin Fe 5 mg by Ecological Formulas as directed may enjoy a number of health support benefits:

• Helps prevent iron deficiency or anemia.*
• Aids in the production of hemoglobin necessary for transporting oxygen throughout the body.*
• Support healthy muscle and brain function.*
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